New To SOJ

What can I expect when I visit Spirit of Joy on Sunday mornings?

If you have never experienced Spirit of Joy, may this information prepare you for your visit.

Upon Arrival
Parking is available on the north side of the church facility. The entrance to the building is marked from the parking lot. We are known for our friendly church community and we make an effort to keep up that reputation.

Spirit of Joy is a diverse group of generations, coming from varied backgrounds, and at different stages of Biblical knowledge and spiritual growth. You will see partners in ministry (members) and visitors who dress up on Sunday and others who dress in a very casual manner.  We enjoy the variety of our diverse community and hope you will as well.

How do we Worship?
We believe worship happens when we, as people of God, approach God with a sincere heart, mind, and soul with the intent to encounter God’s presence.  There are different styles of worship, which allows for personal preference.  Musically, you will experience a range from sacred music and familiar hymns to modern praise music with drums that you would hear on the radio. We encourage all, youth and adults alike, to share in worship leadership. We invite you to come and worship seeking give God praise and encounter God’s presence through community, God’s Word and communion.

Communion-The Last Supper-The Eucharist: Who may participate?
It doesn’t matter if you are a partner in ministry at Spirit of Joy.  It doesn’t matter if you are a member of another church.  It doesn’t matter if you have not been to church in a long time.  All that matters is that you believe that Christ died for you and that in Communion we share in His blessings of life.  All believers are welcome to participate in Holy Communion.

If it is the desire of parents, Spirit of Joy and the pastor highly encourage children of all ages to be in our worship services.  If you choose to come to worship as a family, grab a Worship Activity Bag at the entrance.  (Note to parents: It has been documented that kids get more out of worship if you sit in the front where they can see and be less distracted than sitting in the back.  The choice is yours to make.)

Child care and a nursery are also available at each worship service.  For parents not wanting to leave their small ones, there is a cry room space where you can see and hear worship.

The Property and the New Building

The facility was built in 2009 and has received much positive regard from the community.  You will see the new nave and sanctuary, classrooms, offices, and ministry mall.  The building will further the mission of the church as we invite groups from the community to use the facility as a community center.  This is an exciting time to be a part of a community that is growing! During the week, there is a family resource center that services the community.

Other Tidbits for First Time Visitors
Upon arrival, expect a welcoming community of friendly faces as you are invited to stop by the Welcome Table at the entrance to receive a gift and to ask any questions you might have.  During worship, please fill out the Welcome Form.  It is on this form that you can request prayer and ask for more information.

Following the first service and before the second service, we hope you stop for some complimentary goodies and coffee and a time of fellowship.

For other inquiries, you are welcome to call (480) 507-042 or send us an email.