Music Ministry

Join us on Friday, October 30

for a fabulous jazz concert featuring

Music Serving the Word’s Russell Schmidt Sextet.

Adult Choir

Vocal ensemble comprised of men and women who participate in weekly rehearsals. You do not need prior vocal experience or be able to read music. This choir leads Sunday worship during traditional services.

Adult Praise Team

Small groups of singers with a band that leads worship for our contemporary worship times. This high-spirited group is a great place to grow in faith as weekly practices include prayer, devotions, and friendship.

Banners add visual presentation to create the mood for the Christian seasons, as well as adding a colorful and festive atmosphere. If you are an artist, craft person, or seamstress, call the church office to volunteer to make some new banners.

Bell Choir

This ensemble adds a beautiful ring to worship. Men, women, and youth rehearse in preparation of leadership during Sunday traditional worship services. While you do not have to read music or have prior experience, it is always helpful.

Costumes are always needed for various plays and special productions. This behind-the-scenes ministry is a great way to offer your talent in worship.

Drama. Theater and church have a long tradition. The stories of faith, life, and the Bible are great scripts for those who love to lose themselves as an actor or actress. This ministry is open to all people of all ages. Leads at special events and Sunday morning worship services.

Instrumental and Vocal Soloists currently lead at all worship services. This is a great way to lead and get involved if you are short on time but can rehearse at home for a worship appearance.

Media supports worship using modern technology of video, computer, and lighting. If you are a “techie,” you are needed. Training is provided.

Sacred Dance is a way of expressing one’s self and the Word of God through movement. Opportunities are available throughout the year for any age group to be involved in dance.

Sound System. A lot goes into making sure that all people can hear and be heard. If you’re interested in this technical side of worship, there is a place for you. You will be trained.

Sunday’s Cool Kids. Kids worship and learn new songs during Sunday School. They then sing during worship and at special events.

Youth Praise Team. Youth select and practice contemporary, Christian-style music through singing and instruments such as keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, reeds, woodwinds, brass, and strings. The team leads at youth events and during Sunday morning worship.

Worship is not about us. As we offer our love, talents, and praise to God, we pour ourselves out. As we pour ourselves out, God fills us with joy, peace, faith, hope, and love.

If you would like to offer your talents and praise to God in a specific worship ministry, then we hope Spirit of Joy may provide a place for you to do so. Please e-mail the church office for more information on getting involved in this ministry.

Benefits of serving on a specific worship ministry are:
Leading others in worship
Friendships and meaningful relationships with others with whom you serve

Growth in faith

Growth in the area of skill in which you serve