“Our mission is to:
Invite, Equip and Send faith leaders.”

As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe we have been called into the mission and ministry fields of Gods creation to further invite people into relationship with God through Christ Jesus, to equip each other in the use of our God given spiritual gifts and talents as we continue to be sent as God’s hands and feet in the world today. Some of the ways we do this today are as follows:

Eucharistic Ministers
Lay Eucharistic Ministers are partners in extending Christ’s ministry.  Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve in carrying communion from the altar to the homes and/or bedsides of persons known and unknown to be shut-in or infirm.  Training was conducted in pastoral care & counseling, theology around the sacrament of Eucharist & Worship and practical application in how to be an effective Lay Eucharistic Minister.

Prayer Ministers
By being open and responsive to the workings of the Holy Spirit, we pray that God’s love, guidance, and healing power be released for the benefit of God’s people and to God’s glory.  Our prayer ministers are available each worship service to pray for and with those who come seeking God through prayer.

Koinonia Creations or “Community Creations”
This ministry is for those who have been created to be creative. This ministry is for those artists in the church community who are compelled to serve God through the arts.  Such work has been shown to be paintings behind the altar , the creation of a tomb for Lent and Easter, bulletin covers, drawings during the sermon which aligns with the message and more.

Small Group Opportunities and Ministry Links
We encourage you to join with a small group of people searching for the same things you are: friendship, support, truth, and love.  These groups start with the common foundations of the study of God’s Word and becoming a better disciple of Jesus!  We also offer a number of Activity Groups including Dinner Parties, Groups on Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Stewardship, and Service.


Discipleship and Youth
Youth programs for ages 0-6th grade
Youth Director for ages 7th grade – 12th grade (age 18)

Evangelism and Outreach
Hospitality Table
I-HELP – for homeless women
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Shoebox Ministry
Stephen Ministry
Sock Snackers – developed by one of our youth as a way to reach out to the homeless
Card Ministry
Celebration of Life Events
E-mail Prayer Chain
Facebook and other Social Media sites
Greif Ministry
Save the Family
N.A. R.A. O.A.

Not sure what ministry is right for you?  Contact the church office and we will send or email you a time and talent worksheet.  Contact us, and we can help you figure out where you might get the most fulfillment from serving.