History of the Property

In The Beginning

The ‘Barn’ on Greenfield Road was known throughout the East Valley because for years it housed frequent community craft fairs. The site is a well known landmark on the busy street.  The original Spirit of Joy barn on Greenfield Road was moved from Grinnell, Iowa. The barn itself was built in the early 1900’s and was moved board by board and brick by brick by a Gilbert, Arizona, family who reconstructed it exactly the same way as it was back in Grinnell.  Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church purchased the barn and attached house with dreams to turn the barn into a church facility. Unfortunately, due to construction rules and regulations, the barn was not deemed structurally sound as a public assembly space without huge costs and major engineering.

The Big Dream

The barn was given back to the original family who brought it to Arizona. They dismantled it in early fall of 2008 and it will be reconstructed in the East Valley. In its place, Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church had the Big Dream to build a new barn for a church facility, modeling it after the original barn.


Groundbreaking took place on November 30, 2008, and construction began in December 2008. The new Spirit of Joy Church barn has been completed and on December 12, 2009, at 4:00 p.m., it was dedicated and open to the public.  The ‘new barn’ building holds to the uniqueness of this property.  It has been praised for its architecture and craftmanship and has received attention in the local news.  The property also has a 100 year old one room cabin which was moved from Utah.  It will serve as a prayer chapel and meditation room in the future.

Like No Other

A large pool, with waterslide and waterfall, in the courtyard provides a wonderful site for baptisms and other church functions  All people are welcome to stop by and visit this new building as it was built for the people in this community.  The ‘new barn’ is a community center for the people of the East Valley.