About Us / Belief


Welcome to Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church in Gilbert, AZ.

Spirit of Joy is God’s church for all people. We are a community made up of many backgrounds and generations. We believe it doesn’t matter what a person has done or where they have been. What matters is realizing who God has created us to be. Come and join us as we build an exciting future.

“Our mission is to be GATHERED by the Holy Spirit, FED by God’s word, and SENT to serve in love”

Most great beginnings start with an invitation.  You are invited to connect deeper in your knowledge, love and service of Jesus Christ.  In all we do we equip each other to use the gifts, talents and resources to serve God and our neighbor known and unknown. We do all this to follow the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of Jesus and that is to GO and LOVE.

The year 2017 is an an exciting time for Spirit of Joy. There are meaningful, high quality worship services with diverse musical styles (see the WORSHIP link for details). Over the last several months, Spirit of Joy has been sharing a vision and making plans to increase our connectedness and spiritual formation.  On Sunday mornings, there is an added education hour for all ages between worship services.  So far, this learning hour has been a real hit.

Welcome to Spirit of Joy in Gilbert, AZ and we look forward to meeting you where you are at in your own faith walk and growing together to better become disciples of Jesus Christ.

What We Believe

We believe in the one God who is revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triune God has formed us and blesses us with all that we need in this life. God’s love for us and for the world is deep and immeasurable.  The full measure of that love is found in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ came to live among us, to save us from our own self-destruction, lead us to a more abundant, joyful existence, and comfort us with the promise of resurrection and eternal life with God.  In the cross of Christ, humanity and God experience reconciliation and relationship. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we receive incredible forgiveness and grace for daily living and renewal. His life of sacrificial service and love to the neighbor is the model for our own.

God does not leave us alone, but sends the Holy Spirit to live within us and nurture us, as we grow daily in our lives of faith and service. The Bible is the inspired, authoritative written Word of God.  Through the Bible we learn of God’s will and purpose for our daily lives.  The Bible reveals Christ, the living Word of God made flesh, even as it recounts the stories and history of God’s people throughout the centuries.

Jesus provided his church with two sacraments as signs of his love: Baptism and Holy Communion. In Baptism, God claims and calls us to be children of God, washes away our sins, and gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because Baptism incorporates us into Christ through the powerful action of God’s Spirit, not human action, we baptize people of all ages.  Baptism is the foundation for one’s life of faith. In Holy Communion, God forgives us, feeds us with the body and blood of Christ in bread and wine, and unites us with Christ and with each other.  In this meal, we are strengthened in faith for service in the world. All of this is a free gift of grace, given to us by a loving and gracious God. Since we have been given such a great and wonderful gift, we are called to share it with others.

Our faith is summarized in the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed, used by Christians throughout the world and in every age.  Though we confess our faith through these creeds, we are not only concerned with our beliefs, but acting on what and who we believe in.  In short, we are about deeds, not simply creeds.  We are about following Jesus, not simply beliefs.

For more on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, go to E.L.C.A. Lutheran Church.

The Purpose

Our purpose is to invite people to seize God’s Dream for their lives and go out living in a Spirit of Joy.

The Dream

Just as every individual has personal dreams, God has dreams for us, too; namely, that we be full of faith, grace, forgiveness, and love.  We are on this earth to develop meaningful relationships and share our dreams.  When we live these dreams, we live with great meaning and a Spirit of Joy in our hearts.

At Spirit of Joy, we are building the Dream by concentrating on:

· Being an inviting, hospitable, friendly church community with a strong spiritual presence
· Being rooted in good Biblical, Lutheran expressions of faith, grace, forgiveness, love, community, and service
· Being a community made of many small groups where deeper relationships, learning, and faith can grow
· Being a church that supports, encourages, and mentors youth and families of youth

The Question

One question that is often asked in our community is, “If Spirit of Joy closed its doors today, who in the community around us would miss us tomorrow?”
This question helps us to maintain our reason for existing and helps us focus on serving the larger community around us.  It keeps us relevant.  Spirit of Joy is a group of people who are trying to use the blessings God has given us by sharing them with others.  We pray that if God leads you to Spirit of Joy that you will be fed with God’s Word and that you grow in your spiritual life.
Together we then can make a difference!  We all will be better for it!